The Power of Combining Intelligent Automation With a Treasury Management Solution

The Power of Combining Intelligent Automation With a Treasury Management Solution

Combined intelligent automation and a treasury management solution


When asked to name the top pain points impacting their respective industries, financial leaders frequently point to the same common issue. The traditional treasury management solution at their organization doesn’t provide the reporting needed to uncover valuable insights they can act on without having to log into another portal or app.


How a Traditional Treasury Management Solution Works (And Why it Doesn’t)

While aggregating various bank and sometimes investment accounts, traditional treasury management solutions still rely on manual intervention to create their desired level of analysis and reporting – often completed from spreadsheets.

In practice, one or more staff members must spend a significant portion of their day logging in to any accounts not connected to a traditional TMS, like investment accounts,  to retrieve the latest data before downloading it into a massive spreadsheet and analyzing it there. Larger organizations with multiple departments may repeat this process several times over. The spreadsheets from each department need to be compiled to form an overarching view of the day’s cash flow and investment allocation demands.

There are obvious challenges with traditional treasury management solutions. While a standard TMS aggregates data from multiple banks, it does not aggregate data from multiple investment providers.  As a result  treasury staff must create yet another spreadsheet to get the complete picture. Data analysis and reporting within a spreadsheet is incredibly labor-intensive, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes resulting from human error. The executive or financial leader is left with the task of making important financial decisions based on data likely to contain inaccuracies, errors, or may be outdated by the time it finally lands on their desk. 

Other challenges of a traditional TMS include the need to leave the software to act on any insights gained, like making investments or cash transactions. For example,  logging into bank or investment portals is still necessary for money movement and investing. 

Fortunately, Treasury Curve can help you resolve these pain points with its intelligently automated treasury management solution. 


How Does an Intelligently Automated Treasury Management Solution Work?

A treasury management solution(TMS) is a software-based system that takes the mundane and time-consuming task of data collection, data aggregation, and data reporting out of the hands of your staff members. However, a traditional TMS does not intelligently uncover ways to optimize cash and then put those insights into action. Treasury Curve is a single solution that combines intelligent automation with the core functionality you would expect from a TMS. 

With an intelligently automated TMS, treasury staff can not only review all of their cash and investment positions in one place, they can also make investments and transactions from within the platform – with built-in workflow and compliance. 

Intelligent automation uncovers unutilized cash and can reallocate those funds with user-set rules and conditions. When you have excess cash left in your bank account, the solution can automatically invest that money for you in something that could earn more return than leaving cash sitting stagnant in a bank account. This is an efficient way to ensure your money is always working for you and can help you reach your financial goals faster. Intelligent treasury automation is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to make the most of their money.

With the simple-to-use Treasury Curve dashboard, your staff can spend less time on repetitive treasury-related tasks and perform more engaging, rewarding, and productive work for the organization. An intelligently automated treasury management solution can provide you, the final decision maker, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your financial choices are based on the latest and most accurate data. 

What Is an Intelligently Automated Treasury Management Solution?

An intelligently automated treasury management solution builds upon traditional TMS offerings by aggregating data from multiple banks. It also enables informed decision-making based on timely data and the capability to act on insights through investments and transactions that can take place within the software.


The Benefits of  Treasury Curve 

 Treasury Curve’s cloud-based system continuously aggregates the data reported by various banks and asset management institutions to ensure that you have the most up-to-date, accurate financial data.  Treasury Curve also empowers you to take things to the next level by harnessing the power of  of an easy-to-use dashboard and intelligent automation to ensure that your financial accounts are automatically balanced and up to date, allowing you to make educated investment decisions that have the potential to generate more profit from your excess cash, and act on those decisions without having to separately log on to bank and investment portals.

When you choose an intelligent, automated treasury management solution to optimize your treasury management, you can eliminate the inherent risks of making important financial decisions based on outdated or inaccurate data. There is no need to worry about missed financial opportunities or poor financial choices based on errors. Intelligent automation gives you the confidence to do what you and your team do best and make wise financial decisions based on the best information available, and act on them, all in real-time. 

Unlike your banks and investment providers, most treasury technology providers aren’t regulated. In contrast, Treasury Curve is a Supervised Financial Institution, and we are obligated to protect your sensitive data like user information, account numbers, vendor information and financial transactions.  Best of all, Treasury Curve is affordable and may be available to your organization at little to no cost when you factor in discounts based on the level of your investment balances.  

Contact one of our Treasury Curve experts today to schedule a discovery meeting where we can discuss different ways in which to leverage automation to benefit your institution. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Most treasury departments still rely on the manual collection of data from various banks, asset managers, and other financial institutions. While a TMS can partially solve this, an intelligent treasury management solution offers a complete solution.
  • When you choose an intelligently automated treasury management solution, like Treasury Curve, to optimize your treasury management, you can also eliminate the inherent risks of making important financial decisions based on outdated or inaccurate data and ensure you have the complete picture that includes both your cash and investments..
  • Intelligent treasury automation is more than a treasury management system because it can uncover and reallocate unutilized funds.
  • Choosing a treasury management tool that is a Supervised Financial Institution, such as Treasury Curve, provides peace of mind that you are working with someone who is obligated to protect your financial data.
  • Treasury Curve is affordable and may be available to your organization at little to no cost when you factor in discounts based on the level of your investment balances
  • Unlike a traditional TMS, Treasury Curve is quick to implement and simple to use.

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