The Key Differences Between Intelligent, Autonomous Treasury And A Treasury Management Solution

The Key Differences Between Intelligent, Autonomous Treasury And A Treasury Management Solution

Differences between intelligent autonomous treasury and a treasury TMS


The treasury management solutions used by many treasury departments have been long overdue for an upgrade. At its core, a traditional treasury management solution (TMS) intends to create a single point of reference that provides treasurers and executives with all the information they need to understand and manage their cash position.

While most treasury management solutions manage to perform adequately on many metrics, they often require intensive manual labor from treasury practitioners, take a lot of time, produce outdated reports, and are subject to human data entry errors. Not only does this mean that most treasury management solutions fail to fulfill their basic purpose, but it also means they don’t efficiently help executives know how much excess cash is available at any given moment that can be reallocated into investments with the potential to earn optimal returns.

An intelligent, autonomous treasury management solution automates many manual tasks that a regular TMS does not and can allocate excess cash into investments that have the potential to reap meaningfully higher returns.


An Intelligent, Autonomous Treasury Solution Vs. A Traditional TMS

Many treasurers have not yet adopted even a traditional TMS, and are instead still working within spreadsheets. When managing treasury from within a spreadsheet, the individuals charged with gathering the data must do so by logging into multiple portals from a variety of different financial institutions and data providers. Because each unique portal requires its own secure login and formats data in its own way, users must remember information, follow different security procedures for each portal, and then format the resulting data from each institution for inclusion in a final aggregated report or spreadsheet.

These additional steps mean a lot of extra time and effort spent by treasurers tasked with compiling these reports. In the end, the data that is finally collected may be slightly outdated or contain data entry errors. Because of this, executives are left waiting to learn whether there is adequate cash flow to meet financial obligations and how much of this excess cash is available to be put to better use elsewhere.

While a traditional TMS can alleviate much of the manual effort by automatically aggregating bank data into one place, it often does not include the investment information needed to get the complete picture. Additionally, many TMS solutions offer reporting through pre-set options, but all customized reporting must occur outside the system. Moreover, the manual process of customized reporting can introduce outdated data and entry errors. 

An intelligent, autonomous treasury solution, like Treasury Curve, enables easier customized reporting by producing more accurate and timely results with less effort, and in a fraction of the time required by a traditional TMS. Better still, Treasury Curve’s intelligent, autonomous treasury can be set up to continuously identify and reallocate excess cash in pursuit of higher returns.

Can An Intelligent, Autonomous Treasury Solution Save More Time Than A TMS?

Compared to a traditional treasury management solution, an intelligent, autonomous treasury solution offers a significant improvement – the ability to automatically invest excess cash instead of leaving it stagnant in your accounts.


Rather than spending time logging into multiple financial portals, downloading and formatting data, and manually compiling the information to create meaningful reports, an intelligent, autonomous treasury solution links directly into all the major financial institutions and is able to receive data that is accurate and timely. Treasury Curve uses this consistently updated data to identify cash shortages or excesses,  and automatically redirects both cash and investments to optimize them. Digitizing your treasury operations and using an intelligent, autonomous solution frees up your treasury team’s time for added-value, strategic work.


What Sets Treasury Curve’s Treasury Solution Apart

When it comes to optimizing both cash and investments, Treasury Curve can provide several key advantages that a traditional treasury management solution can simply not provide.

Treasury Curve helps ensure that executives always have the cash they need to meet their financial obligations. Treasury staff can set the solution to identify cash shortages automatically and redirect cash from an investment account back to a bank account where it can be properly allocated as needed. At the same time, Treasury Curve is able to redirect excess cash from a low-to-no-yield bank account to investment accounts that may offer a much greater return. This intelligently autonomous treasury solution is at the leading edge of automatic, optimized cash management and investments management.


A Supervised Financial Institution

Due to Treasury Curve’s status as a Supervised Financial Institution, the optimization tools are able to offer this truly autonomous service. This status has allowed Treasury Curve to gain direct access to a global banking and investment network of over 11,000 financial institutions, which is access that other treasury management solution providers do not have.

Treasury Curve is directly connected to banks and investment institutions, allowing it to continuously receive balance and transaction data. Additionally, as a Supervised Financial Institution, Treasury curve can actually make investment transactions and move money so clients can act on the observations they are making rather than just observing the data.

It is the ultimate upgrade for a treasury team, as Treasury Curve automatically uncovers unused cash and puts it to work. Unlike other treasury management solutions, access to this autonomous system is affordable and can be absolutely free. Organizations that invest their cash with their preferred providers through the Treasury Curve Money Fund Portal may qualify for our full suite of technology at low to no cost.


Choose an Intelligent, Autonomous Treasury Solution

Treasury Curve’s intelligently automated treasury solution manages cash and investments according to each client’s specific guidelines and directions to uncover and reallocate cash, so your money has the potential to generate higher returns. No other treasury tools available can automate both cash and investment management as efficiently as Treasury Curve.

Are you ready to optimize your cash and investments, save time in your treasury, and have your money work for you? Contact one of our Treasury Curve experts and schedule a demo today!


Key Takeaways:

  • Beyond just investing cash, Treasury Curve can automatically identify cash shortages and redirect funds from investment accounts to disbursement accounts to help ensure financial obligations are always met and that insufficient fund fees are avoided.
  • Treasury Curve’s intelligently automated treasury technology can automatically identify excess cash and reallocate it from low-to-no yield bank accounts to investment accounts that have the potential to provide higher returns.
  • As a “Supervised Financial Institution,” Treasury Curve is able to connect directly to over 11,000 banks and investment institutions to provide a truly autonomous treasury solution.
  • Treasury Curve ensures that your cash is never stagnant and is always working to generate optimized returns automatically.
  • Organizations that invest their cash with their preferred providers through the Treasury Curve Money Fund Portal may qualify for our full suite of technology at low to no cost.


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