Treasury Management Solution Implementation | The Opportunity Costs of Taking Too Long

Treasury Management Solution Implementation | The Opportunity Costs of Taking Too Long

treasury management solution implementation

Running an organization means assuming some financial risks. However, proper treasury management can help minimize those risks and protect your organization from financial disaster. A treasury management solution can help your treasury department make more informed financial decisions. It can better record your cash and investments, provide more accurate forecasts about your financial future, and convert that information into valuable actions. A slow treasury management solution implementation process can delay access to these benefits.

While operating without an intelligent autonomous treasury management system, the missed opportunities can grow costly. You could lose money from security breaches, poorly informed decisions, and inaccurate data entry; all while missing out on better ways to optimize your cash and investments.

Your organization will likely already have established systems for cash positioning and managing your financial obligations. The question is, how efficient are these processes? Spreadsheets can only do so much—they must be manually updated and often fall susceptible to human error. On average, mistakes in data entry costs U.S. businesses around $3.1 trillion annually. Utilizing a treasury management system saves time and reduces potential errors by automating formerly manual processes.

Potential Costs of Delayed Treasury Management Solution Implementation

Every day you don’t have a fully functioning treasury management system in place, your organization is vulnerable to human error, security breaches, uninformed decision-making, and the inability to take action. This can lead to massive financial losses or missed opportunities to maximize earnings. When an intelligently-automated treasury management system is fully deployed, tasks that used to take hours may now take only minutes.

With a treasury management system, your team can use their time more efficiently and devote their energy to more important projects that are more rewarding than tedious manual tasks. The increased security and transparency that comes with a treasury management system opens doors to more opportunities to optimize your cash, investments, and employee engagement. If you have yet to invest in an autonomous treasury management solution, it is in your best interest to act now.

Can Treasury Management Solution Implementation go quickly?
A complete overhaul of your organization’s financial operations and documentation systems is not an overnight task. However, some providers are quicker than others. Treasury Curve is already linked to over 11,000 financial institutions worldwide, and we don’t outsource the implementation of your system to a more expensive third-party contractor.

Benefits of A Treasury Management Solution

Improved Analysis with Advanced Forecasting

No one can tell the future, but looking closely at patterns in cash flow and market trends can help organizations streamline operations, adjust to changing circumstances, make informed decisions about resource allocation, and act quickly to maximize profit margins. If you can predict when you expect a decrease in cash flow, you can plan to cut back on spending during that time frame. Looking at a financial analysis in your treasury enables you to forecast according to your organization’s unique needs.

Financial forecasting is an essential element of a successful organization. Treasury management systems can use advanced algorithms to examine financial data and help improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

Although forecasting can be done manually, this process is often time-consuming and error-prone. Treasury Curve offers a more efficient solution, enabling users to quickly and easily generate accurate forecasts. Users can enter cash flow and FP&A forecasts directly or quickly import them from Excel.

Treasury Curve allows users to reconcile forecasts automatically on one screen and create recurring forecasts simply by entering a calendar event. Users can reconcile by entering a keyword or an alpha-numeric unique identifier. Treasury Curve’s Forecast and Reconcile option can help organizations improve their forecast, optimize cash flow, save time and money, and improve their bottom line.

View and Share Up-to-Date Cash Flow Reports

A treasury management system automatically captures all incoming and outgoing cash flow data, letting you know exactly how much money you have available to meet your financial obligations and alerting you to any discrepancies. This information is crucial for ensuring you have enough cash in your accounts to meet your financial obligations. A treasury management system also provides a centralized hub for sharing this information with stakeholders and partners.

Secure Your Organization’s Financial Assets

You can better detect suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity by implementing an intelligent treasury management system. The sooner you know of a potential breach or fraud, the faster you can shut it down and protect your organization from huge losses. It can take much longer to receive this information through manual analysis, recognizing patterns that may point to compromised data, and training team members to do so.

Workflow and compliance are embedded in our app. Without Treasury Curve, the process includes logging onto the bank portal to initiate a wire, emailing someone else at the firm to log on and confirm the wire, and then sending other emails, ensuring the necessary parties have reviewed and approved the transactions. That’s where fraud can occur.

Nowadays, everyone frequently receives fraudulent emails that look surprisingly real, instructing money movement. At Treasury Curve, all wires and approvals are done on the app, which requires a secure sign-in. This secure process reduces the potential for fraud and ensures that all workflow and compliance requirements are met. As a result, our app provides a more straightforward and secure way to manage financial transactions.

What Makes Treasury Curve Different

Treasury Curve can offer a faster, smoother, more encompassing implementation and affordable process than our competitors. As a Category 1 member of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), Treasury Curve can directly connect with over 11,000 financial institutions worldwide. Our competitors, who focus primarily on API connections, by comparison, are only able to guarantee connections with a tiny fraction of the world’s banks.

Connections to any other financial institution would have to be negotiated and set up manually, delaying the process. Both Treasury Curve and accredited banks worldwide are considered Supervised Financial Institutions, meaning Treasury Curve must abide by strict data security and privacy standards.

The benefit of working with a Supervised Financial Institution like Treasury Curve is that we can both receive and send all message types directly between other SWIFT members. A non-member of SWIFT needs to use an API or FTP to connect to banks. However, most banks don’t have APIs; if they do, each API is likely different and may not be fully functional. SWIFT members that are Supervised Financial Institutions can directly access its secure pipeline for financial institutions to communicate with each other in a standardized way. Connections between SWIFT institutions enhance Treasury Curve’s ability to send payment information between SWIFT members directly. While Treasury Curve can also connect to bank APIs, our competitors, who are not Supervised Financial Institutions, can’t have direct access to the thousands of banks around the world that are only accessible via SWIFT. As a Supervised Financial Institution, Treasury Curve can natively offer investments, something that our competitors must partner with third parties to attempt. That, of course, comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Treasury management systems help your organization more effectively manage cash flow.
  • A treasury management system can help you make more accurate financial predictions and better organizational decisions.
  • Treasury Curve is uniquely designed to offer a faster and more efficient implementation so your organization can see quick results for both cash and investments.
  • Treasury Curve is the only TMS that offers investments natively as a Supervised Financial Institution.
  • A treasury management system automatically captures all incoming and outgoing cash flow data, letting you know exactly how much money you have available to meet your financial obligations and alerting you to any discrepancies.

Stop Wasting Time

Treasury Curve helps your organization to customize a treasury implementation process that fits your unique needs, enabling a faster setup. We also implement our solutions, whereas our competitors often outsource to third-party contractors, driving up the price and the onboarding timeline. Ready to equip your organization with a reliable treasury management system and stop missing key financial opportunities? Book a demo with Treasury Curve today!

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